The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ("DACA") program has changed the lives of several young undocumented immigrants in the usa. Approximately 700,000 people have been granted DACA because the President barack obama made the program in summer time of 2012. However, as DACA holders know, the benefits are not permanent. After proving one meets the requirements-continuous physical presence since 2007, entry ahead of the age 16, maximum age younger than 36, finishing of or progress towards a secondary school diploma, with no significant criminal record-he or they must apply to renew their DACA every two years. A DACA renewal can be denied for certain criminal activity or unauthorized travel outside of the U.S., and each renewal costs around $500 in filing fees alone.

That is why, and others, DACA is not the ideal solution. Many immigrant rights' advocates push for passage of the DREAM Act-a proposal that might give permanent legal resident status to DACA eligible the younger generation.

For sure DACA holders, however, permanent legal residency may be more than just dream. For DACA holders having a U.S. citizen spouse or at least one U.S. citizen parent or step-parent, the DACA program may open the entranceway to permanent legal residency with no act of Congress.

The reason why most undocumented immigrants cannot legalize their status through their close American relatives may be the "ten-year bar," a provision from the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act which prohibits those who have lived without status within the U.S. for longer than Twelve months from entering the continent legally for 10 years. Within the law, those who entered the U.S. illegally cannot make an application for their residency in the U.S. but must apply in the U.S. consulate of their home country. But due to ten-year bar, leaving the U.S. to visit the consulate in one's home country equals a ten-year self-deportation. One way round the 10-year bar will be the "provisional waiver," a difficult and quite often expensive procedure that many will struggle to win.

But for DACA holders, a simply option is available: Advance Parole or "the travel permit." As a result of an appeals court decision next year that decided travel outside the U.S. under pre-approved "Advance Parole" doesn't equal a "departure" for purpose of triggering the 10-year bar, person who obtains DACA, receives their travel permit, leaves the U.S., and then reenters legally using their travel permit may have the "legal entry" had to submit an application for permanent resident status inside U.S. minus the provisional waiver. Considered a "legal loophole," the DACA to safely move Parole to Permanent Legal Resident can be a proven, reliable, and efficient solution for several DACA holders.

While the most practical answer will likely be for Congress to give legislation to give legal permanent residency to all or any of the hardworking, law abiding immigrants who reside in the U.S. without papers, for DACA holders with U.S. citizen spouses or other certain close relatives, permanent resident status might be closer than ever before.

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